Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Mermaid's Adventure!

Free rides to Coatue ~ A mermaid's adventure aboard a sailor's boat on Nantucket! 

**Update-original available thru Nantucket Country ~ an upscale design source on Nantucket, MA

There are few places that hold the specialness in my heart that Nantucket does.  I was married 26 years ago and spent my honeymoon there.  Since then, I have had the privilege to paint for a gallery that is located in its heart, Centre Street, right down from Jared Coffin.  I have painted for Nantucket Country for nearly 20 years.  It's been a great ride, too!

Look at her little hand playing in the sand
When I paint, I try to think about the person I am illustrating.  What are they doing and thinking?  What would I be doing and thinking?  You guessed it, my hand would instinctively go down to run my fingers in the sand.  I might even have a little smirk while doing it, too!  I am one of 6 girls and was the baby (almost).  I had a lot of spankings.  haha.

Look at this guy, he looks nervous. 
 think the real problem is that he is the only one doing any of the work, "Geesh, these gals are heavier than they look!" 

Free Rides to Coatue
In case you didn't guess it, Coatue is located in Nantucket. It is an area that is made of sand and is long and thin.  It is right at the Nantucket Harbor and runs along the length of the island stopping at Wauwinet, where it becomes attached to the great island of Nantucket.   

This painting had the best patina on it.  It was full of cracks that don't always look this great.  I JUST LOVED THIS :0)  It's sold and long gone.  I just wanted to write about it today because I found some pictures. 

Have a blessed day! 


Ps, the print may be available thru Spicher and Co., if you are interested drop me a note.  It comes in various sizes and price ranges.  

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