Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Look at my Art History and how Van Gogh influenced my artwork - Analyzing some landscapes

Van Gogh's influence…

I had a customer from the West Coast buy a few prints from me recently.  They were sitting in my studio here in Pennsylvania. As I looked at them, I couldn't help but remember how I had  this love relationship with Van Gogh's paintings.  I bought books on his artwork, I read about him, I looked at his work closely with a magnifying glass, and lastly, I studied his 'color', 'flow',  and pattern style of painting.  The only issue (for me) was that I had customers that wanted reproduction artwork that was made with darker tones and primitive and NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT like VG.  So I quickly got to work experimenting on how I could 'blend' the two.

I didn't want to 'copy' his work in a way that anyone would look at it and say "Van Gogh, " but I wanted his work to gently inspire me so that I could keep myself feeling good inside and keep my customers happy.  BTW, I am not saying I could even paint like him~ I AM NOT CAPABLE of painting as WELL as Van Gogh.  He was amazing and his way of painting was the gift that God gave to him and to us.  His paintings evoke an emotion that is dreamy and 'feel good.'  That part I would love to emulate.  If somehow, I can make someone feel good in life, then I have accomplished my goal.  I am useful.  I contribute to society.  That really is important to me.

I have this blue room in my house that I love.  I throw a lot of nautical things in it for obvious reasons.  I decided that these prints would look good against my blue and white ticking couch by ROWE furniture.
Look at all the wonderful movement! (but in my style)
I love the concept of the 4 little duckies following the mother.  She doesn't even have to look behind her because she just knows they are there.  My kids are like that.  They just follow me wherever I go.  Even still we spend a lot of time together.  Someday, I know they will be gone :(  It makes me feel sad until I look at this picture - LoL!! 
Robin Red Breast! 
BTW, I the writing in the grass in the picture with the Mother Duck says this under the duckies, "I love my pets."  We all do, don't we!! 

They busy Farmer  has a vineyard...
I love all the subtle movement in this piece, too.  I think that the person who chose these two prints to go together did a fine job of selecting images that will hang will together.  One is more simple and the other (bottom) is more complex.  Ying and Yang, it just works.  

Here's a closeup! 

The water with the boats says, "The Sound," and the wagon says, "Grapes for Wine" 
Amen, grapes were made by God for good wine!!!  

I like the way these prints hang with blue.  If you have a light, periwinkle blue room, consider my landscapes--specifically, these! 

Lastly, here are the two together.  I appreciate your taking the time to view my blog.  I know everyone is busy and it means a lot (to me!). 

Best regards! 


Anonymous said...

Always lovely Kolene! xxoo

Unknown said...

they will be mine soon..and they are beautiful!! Thank you, Kolene

Kolene Spicher said...

Thanks to you both!