Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wedding Guest Book Painting - Finally finished! (Refer to April 16,2014 for the whole story) Part 2

Her invitation is laying on top 

A WEDDING Guest Book Painting~Silhouette Style! 

**This is now available as a print.  I have two different styles if you want one for your wedding! 
You can have the house style like above or the bird style (see post April 24, 2014)!  

This was one of those painting that I really didn't lay out first.  I sort of knew what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it.  Because the bride gave me a lot of freedom to do my own thing and because I am sort of hung up right now on silhouettes, I decided to go in the shadows with black and white silhouettes.  Silhouettes have been around for as long as people~I mean this.  I think cavemen drew them in their homes on the walls.

If you refer to April 16, you will see that the bride's invitation was sort of fun with computer generated graphics (artwork), but what I wanted to achieve was a more painterly feel, more timeless.  After all, a wedding is forever, right??

I started the top portion with some clouds. 
I wanted the background to be WATERY LOOKING and I believe that I achieved this.  After the background was good and dry, I went right in there with the left tree, the bride and groom, the house, the fence, and lastly, the little trees.  Actually, the writing was last.
In an ideal world, we would find an antique frame for this piece.  I don't think that this is going to happen.  But 'ideally' it would look like this:
I love the warmth of the frame against the aged background. 
These old frames are getting increasingly hard to find.  A lot of times there is real damage; and to repair them is both costly and time consuming.

Because of this, we will frame this in a burl-type frame that also has the same warm under tones that are pictured in this frame - MINUS THE GOLD LEAF INSERT.  I know, I like it, too, but we have limitations in life and it isn't realistic to expect that we will find an antique frame, given I painted it first.  

Laying on my Crazy Floorcloth
Thanks for being so patient with this painting.  It took a while for me to finish it, but I am glad that I had the privilege to both create and paint it!  Life is good and I wish this couple the best! 

As usual, if you would like a similar painting, don't hesitate to fill in the information at the right of my blog.  I promise not to annoy you with endless emails and I definitely do not share the addresses.  Also, I have had some requests about availability of certain paintings, I think that I am going to go in on the comment portion and simply write SOLD if it is not available for purchase any longer.  


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Kolene Spicher said...

I have a print of this if you ever want me to do a custom piece for a fraction of what the original price would have been (because it was an original! We could put it in a tiger maple frame. It would look beautiful.