Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fixing a Landscape - Part 2

I decided to Fix one of my original landscapes - part 2


A mixed media painting


Yesterday I started with this… 

I had to make a few adjustments to this entry and had to pull it from my blog--my apologies if anyone went to view it and it was 'gone!'

I am going to quickly go thru the process that I took to complete the painting after I removed it from they old black frame.    First and foremost, I ditched that black frame.  I found an antique frame in my basement and reluctantly brought it into my studio thinking, "This will not work." However, it was the only thing that would even remotely fit.

I took a pencil and carefully made a line on the painting where the paper would be cut!
I am going to be frank with you.  I was a little concerned that I was ruining something that was really Okay.  This new frame was oriented differently, which meant cut, cut, cut!   After all, I lived with it for a few years hanging over my bed.  Now I am going to cut 1/3 of it away - Oh My!

I penciled in a tree on the front left area
Then, I thought I would go ahead and paint the tree, for I was fairly certain that I needed something there and didn't want to put a building--changed my mind! Here's a closeup painted!
Can you see the little nest?
Second issue - I decided that not only was the size all wrong, but there were some other offending elements as well.  First off, The color of the frame competed with the house.  This was a big problem to overcome but I was determined to try.  I was resolute that the house needed more detail so after painting some washes of blue over the red, I went in heavy with details.  Bricks were drawn and I mean a lot of them! I also want to mention that the blue wash was to tone down the original red.
I also added the warm undertones of orange 
Adding the warm orangey undertones probably doesn't make any sense to anyone but me.  But keep in mind that I have the frame in front of me.  The frame has wonderful orange undertones that now compliment my painting, making this now look as if it were custom done to fit the frame-smile. 

See very light pencil lines
The background was just too boring and an eagle (which is what I was going to paint in) became increasingly less appealing. More brown? NO!!!  I was going to have to paint water to fill the area more fully. This is because I needed blue.  Blue would compliment the frame, I felt.    The ship was my next step.
Now the flag! 
Somewhere along the way, I did add the flag.  This next picture is really funny.  I debated on wether it was smart to show you because I think someone will inevitably say, "I liked it the other way."  Oh well, I can add and take away, but this artist hasn't figured out how to "put it back." 

Now you see why I was nervous.  That is a lot of the painting gone!
This is really a good shot to include, however.  It really proves my point.  Before the water was painted, and the ship, and the tree, and the flag, and the bricks, and orange undertones, this painting just looked unfinished.  I must have been asleep or tired.  I like the new version better.  If nobody is interested, I am happy to keep it.  I have had it 3 years, I can keep it 30 more.

One more thing, Here is a super close picture of the brick details:
Acrylic and Colored pencil

So here's the finished product with all the bricks and undertones, etc., and I sincerely appreciate your reading about this and giving me a few moments of your day! 


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