Monday, March 3, 2014

Greek Styled Sugar Canister

Learning to make a greek styled sugar canister 

Hand Building Pottery

This is week number 4! 

The applied clay with grooves will eventually emulate a column. 

I love to do anything that is related to art.  I think that hand building and working with clay is very rewarding and relaxing.   If you check out my post from last Monday, Februray 24, 2014 you can see my flour canister and how it developed. 

Greek Flour Canister

 I really didn't do anything yet to that (flour) other than assemble it and let it dry out.  

The new piece (Sugar), however, I haven't finished yet.  I wanted to post it because I thought it would be fun for you to see the progression.  I intend on adding some kind of scrolly looking capitols to this and a very solid strong foundation, making it both beautiful and sturdy.  It will be glazed white.  I am still trying to figure out how I want to do the glaze.  I am getting the brownie pan fired this week~maybe even as I type this.  I have it all dipped.  It was fired once last week.  It held together.  My instructor told me that it's going to be an awfully small brownie pan!  Hah.  Less calories. 

They will be Extra DEEP (The brownies, I mean!).  

So, this (brownie pan) was glazed with an underglaze and then fired.  I then removed some of the glaze to let the clay show through and then top coated it with the finish.  It's clay no. 211 if you are interested.

It's a total experiment!  

Next week, I will either love it or give it away. 

Closer inspection shows how I added the columns after assembling my basic rectangle

So back to this lovely little canister.  First of all, it isn't little.  I think it turned out a little big for sugar.  I already have a problem with my children eating too much sugar.  I don't know, maybe I will fill it with Trader Joes dried fruit and nuts!!!  

Check back next monday for another update on the hand-building pottery if you are interested, that is! 

Thanks for looking! 


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