Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How I Create a Ship Painting Part 1

Creating a ship painting from A-Z

  Artwork by Kolene Spicher 

How I create a ship painting from Start to finish - PART 1 

How I choose my reference material 

I like the idea of draping a flag on either side
If you get the chance to follow the process of this painting, it will be fun.  I am going to try to post little pieces of this on my blog as I remember the steps.  I may paint ahead of my blogging and actually have already.  Today, I am just showing you the steps that I took to select the reference material for which I will be painting. 

There is a lot of time that goes into this step.  I really don't like to copy the composition of old masters because then it feels weird to sign it Kolene Spicher.  What a painter needs to do is be inspired without copying.  Take a look at what I have come up with for inspiration.  I always start with the frame.  
Nice 19th century frame purchased from reputable antiques dealer from Pennsylvania

Closeup!  What I really like is the bubble look.  It will marry well with water. 
When I look at this frame, I think PATRIOTIC!  So, I went online to look for some reference material from the 1800's and this is what appealed to me.  Now, I say to myself, "Let's be inspired by elements of each of these (below)."

I need a closeup of the eagle.  I think I will take the details off this eagle but the composition off the one that is above it~if that makes sense!!!  
I love the idea of having an eagle in the sky.  I think that we live in a great country.  It's worth writing about it and even more worth painting about it.  I LOVE AMERICA!  
I am thinking that I will add this in the bottom center 

This flag will be in the picture, too
MINUS the lady

So there you have it~that is today's entry.  Tomorrow I will show some closeups of the painting that I started.

Thanks for looking!

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