Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Gentlemen With Their Vices

Let us Blend the OLD with the New! The Gentlemen with their vices! 

Update ** Look for the female versions of these guys in my March 15, 2014 posting! 

I have always had a love for antiques.  I think that this is very much reflected in my paintings.  However, people really do not want solely antique looking artwork in their homes.  I think for that reason, it is necessary to learn to blend what is older and unique with what is new and more current.  Sometimes, you can do that by simply reframing something.  Or better yet, add a touch of whimsey to something old and come up with something fresh and current.  Take a look at these pictures that I painted.  

The fact that you are looking at the backs of each of their heads is just funny.  You don't really identify the person with someone other than yourself because you are not looking into their eyes.  This could be you!  Or your husband! I love love love the traditional chair!  See,  that is what makes this work in today's decor and at the same time, it is funny!  

You can see by the wainscoting in the the upper most painting that this is hanging in a very traditional house.  It is just fun, though.  Unlike the picture below way down near the bottom.  

Actually, I painted this as well.  It has been hanging in my studio for about 20 years! I can say whatever I want about it, too! 

All of these pictures except the one directly below is available thru Spicher and Co.  www.spicherandco.com. 

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