Thursday, February 27, 2014


Herbology - The study or collecting of herbs, 

especially as a hobby

Finding a place for Herbs in your kitchen 

Today, I would like to talk about some of my Herbology pictures!
I love herbs.  I love to paint them, decorate with them, and lastly, I love to eat them! 
Mixing my Herbology prints with your home decor accessories is easy because I offer them in different styles! 

Take a look at this room setting and please try to overlook the glare of the glass.  I love the mix of Antiques (stone fruit and table and little chest of drawers with old paint)along side my paintings.  
These pictures can go over a table or at the end of a hallway or some little nook that has limited wall space.  I try to think outside the box and invite you to do the same.    

 Now, just in case you are saying, "I can't do long thin art or art in that color,"  I also offer them in Black as well as White.  By the way, they come square, too! 

Lastly, take a look 
at this print in white
and notice how it takes
on a completely different

You could easily hang this in 
a home that was more contemporary 
and I invite you to think that
way.  I know that I show a lot 
of more traditional looking 
paintings on this blog, but 
let me assure that OLD and NEW
blend very well.  Also, I happen
to paint in both styles REGULARLY!

If you have a moment, please take
a look at to 
see this series and others by Kolene Spicher.

Thanks for looking today! 


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