Monday, February 10, 2014

Making a Brownie Pan

Hand Built Pottery
My very first brownie pan! 

Today I made this piece of pottery.  I really do not know much about how to make pottery but am taking lessons from a wonderful lady named Lin.  What I eventually want to accomplish is to make trays that I can put decals on of my own artwork.  Today, I used something called a Slab Roller.  This is a very important step in making this type of hand built pottery.  I carefully tried to follow my teacher's instructions and flipped and rotated the slab as I slowly smashed the clay thru these rollers that make the clay very uniform.  

I used some different pottery tools--such as scoring tools, needle tools, rulers, and sponges to accomplish this piece.  The clay is still very wet.  When this is fired it will be a dark brown; however, I am intending to put a coat of white glaze over the brown, allowing the color of the pottery to come through in places.  I am not sure what number of clay that I chose, sorry.  I am still learning how to do this.

   The example to my immediate right is before using a tool that was on a little wheel that put the pattern you see on the edge.  This really dressed this piece up and the whole process very much  reminds me of working with pie dough.
Each side was carefully measured and then scored.  I then applied "magic water" to the score marks and hand pushed it together.   Also, I rolled some dough in a snake and ran it along each seam and blended it, which I understand makes the pan stay together and adds strength.   It took me hours to make, which I know is really slow, but it was so much fun.  I met a very nice lady, in addition, to Lin whose name was Maria.  She also was extremely supportive and helpful.  I am looking forward to learning this new skill and sharing it through my blog.

For all you experienced potters, I truly admire all the hard work and effort that goes into making something beautiful and useful.

By the way, I intend using this to make brownies.  It's completely food and oven and microwave safe.  I will post a picture when I am finished.  


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Kimberly Brieger said...

"Magic Water" I love it! I'm going to have to use that with my hand building students. :) GREAT 1st piece, BTW. :)