Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sea Captain Sailor New England looking gentleman surrounded in seashells

A very fine Captain! 

This guy looks so cool in his blue spectacles.  I have always loved the idea of placing my paintings in a seashell frame.  The problem for me was that I never was able to find a frame!  Problem solved! 

I first played out the shells on top of the painting.  Just for your own information, I found these shells in the Ocean Cit, NJ area while walking along the beach! It's amazing that I didn't lose them, lol. 

After gluing them to the paper, I was ready for the perfect frame.  I found this wonderful lemon gold frame a few years ago and have been holding out for the perfect piece.  This is mostly because I paid a small fortune for the frame. 

Smile. I might just keep it.  

I also antiqued the black paper which doesn't translate here but will translate on the original.  I have to modify the frame to receive the shells.  This will be a chore because it will need to blend well against the antique frame.  No worries, I am up for the task. 

Thanks for looking today!  I don't know when this will be listed for sale.  I might hold on to it for a while just in case I try to do a show in the fall! 


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