Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kolene Spicher Original Landscape painting, Part 2

Happy Family 
New House, New Dog
I started this painting thinking that I would go all "Watercolor like", but as I painted it, it became transformed into a mixed media sort of thing.   I used paint, pencil, markers, pastels--everything but finger paints.  

The trees, the sky, the flowers are all inspired by old cross stitch samplers from the 1800s.  Living in Pennsylvania, I tend to be drawn to the whole pen and ink fraktur style as well. 
No matter what, I am in love with ships. My heart is always drawn to the water.  I love flowering fruit trees, too, which is what the folky stylized trees, front and center,  are supposed to be depicting.  

Love the bench and the big urn.  In fact, I wish I owned a planter like that!! 

The Bird's Eye frame on this is simply fabulous, the gold liner and the antique glass are all in great condition.  This frame is very gorgeous.  Very

The outside dimensions are 30" x 16 1/2"  and looks great from a distance too.  The colors really POP. 
Below you can see the painting hanging over my fireplace mantel.  As you can see this is a substantial painting.  Due to the largeness of this piece, the shipping will be costly.  

Thanks for looking! and POST MESSAGE me with questions.  Happy Family, Happy Spring! 


Jan and Doug said...

"Her happy family"
Love this. I have questions.
How many hours a day do you paint?
2. Can Jan and I come to your house and get a tour and spend the night forever?

Kolene Spicher said...

When I can paint, I paint like forever. I focus on nothing but painting. I try to paint everyday, but somedays I am not able to get much time in due to stuff that keeps me from paining, lol. You are sweet. I will put you and jan in the upper right bedroom overlooking the sea, okay?