Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mermaid seashell creation

Taking My Rainy Day Mermaids to the next level

The other day I was looking at this mermaid painting.  I have been 
experimenting with seashells and how to incorporate 
them into artwork.  I decided that I would practice on this 
painting.  It had been for sale on my ETSY store KOLENESPICHER but I deleted
the listing so that I could have some more fun with it.  

A few weeks ago I finished this project.  I really liked it and decided to "UP" my shell count a little with the mermaids.  This was mostly because I ran out of shells that were dark and perfect like the shells above. 

The frame will need worked on for certain.  I will have another frame made that will go directly behind this one and will create a shadow box effect.  It will turn out neat once I get some paint and putty out!  I will also add a nice piece of wavy glass to this.  

My next project.  
I have not fully decided what I will do with this painting.  I am loving the water and am pleased with the overall effect of the colors and layering of paint.  I will be doing something similar with this painting and adding shells.  I am going to do something a little unexpected! 

In this shot you can see that the shells have been laid out, but they have not been cemented to the paper as of yet.  I love the purple-lee looking shells!  

Thanks for looking today. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kolene Spicher Custom portrait of a young girl Mermaid

My Lil Daffodil 

A mermaid from Cape Cod. 

Silver Leafed Italian hand made frame 
This little angel is my latest custom portrait.  The painting is designed to sit on a shelf or a coffee table.  I call these my #littletreasures.  

I am unsure of her age.  I was told it, but I can't recall.  I think she is around 4. This is a portrait of a combination between these two photographs. 
When painting these smaller pieces, it is hard to maintain the folkiness of the mermaid without going too realistic.  I want this to be fun.  Everyone loves mermaids and Nantucket so that is why she is carrying a daffodil.  There is something about that particular flower.  I call it a flower in a flower...  I happen to know that this little girl is loved and treasured.  That is what she is, A flower in a flower. 

I paint the original on a big sheet of paper and then use the paper as a palette so that I can be sure that the colors are just right! 

The frames I custom order.  They are hand made and have a wonderful hand applied printed paper on the backs.  This will make a fine piece to add to this wonderful Grandma's collection of Folk ART.  Let's keep this wonderful unique style alive.  


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sea Captain Sailor New England looking gentleman surrounded in seashells

A very fine Captain! 

This guy looks so cool in his blue spectacles.  I have always loved the idea of placing my paintings in a seashell frame.  The problem for me was that I never was able to find a frame!  Problem solved! 

I first played out the shells on top of the painting.  Just for your own information, I found these shells in the Ocean Cit, NJ area while walking along the beach! It's amazing that I didn't lose them, lol. 

After gluing them to the paper, I was ready for the perfect frame.  I found this wonderful lemon gold frame a few years ago and have been holding out for the perfect piece.  This is mostly because I paid a small fortune for the frame. 

Smile. I might just keep it.  

I also antiqued the black paper which doesn't translate here but will translate on the original.  I have to modify the frame to receive the shells.  This will be a chore because it will need to blend well against the antique frame.  No worries, I am up for the task. 

Thanks for looking today!  I don't know when this will be listed for sale.  I might hold on to it for a while just in case I try to do a show in the fall! 


Monday, April 17, 2017

Kolene Spicher Mermaids Sharing an Umbrella

April Showers bring out the Mermaids!

I have always loved Nantucket.  Daffodils burst into bloom each spring on Nantucket.  Thousands of bulbs have been planted over the years and are scattered along the countryside and sidewalks.  Their bright yellow glow brings warm cheer to the coolness of the New England spring.  This weekend above all seems to always catch my attention.    Each year this special event takes place in the month of April.  This year it is April 28-30, 2017.  

My umbrella mermaid painting is lovingly painted in memory of all  my visits to this wonderful island. 

This special frame is an antique and was made in 1908.  I think that it may be french.  No matter what it is, I love it, and these #littletreasures are getting harder to find! 

The frame is small but the impact is big with this gem.   Please see the photo below which pictures the painting next to some of my keys.  You get a good idea of the scale from this.  

In the above picture, the mermaids are drawn in but there were some modifications made on the right mermaid, especially her torso area.  I have kept the picture so that you can see the scale of the painting--small.  

The picture on the bottom right with the shells will be talked about in my next post.  

Can you tell that the shape on the mermaid on the right is better.  She now has her hourglass figure!!  

I love the painting sitting on this stack of books.  You can read more about this along with the price on my ETSY page, KOLENESPICHER.  

Enjoy and thanks for looking today!

Kolene Spicher 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kolene Spicher Original Landscape painting, Part 2

Happy Family 
New House, New Dog
I started this painting thinking that I would go all "Watercolor like", but as I painted it, it became transformed into a mixed media sort of thing.   I used paint, pencil, markers, pastels--everything but finger paints.  

The trees, the sky, the flowers are all inspired by old cross stitch samplers from the 1800s.  Living in Pennsylvania, I tend to be drawn to the whole pen and ink fraktur style as well. 
No matter what, I am in love with ships. My heart is always drawn to the water.  I love flowering fruit trees, too, which is what the folky stylized trees, front and center,  are supposed to be depicting.  

Love the bench and the big urn.  In fact, I wish I owned a planter like that!! 

The Bird's Eye frame on this is simply fabulous, the gold liner and the antique glass are all in great condition.  This frame is very gorgeous.  Very

The outside dimensions are 30" x 16 1/2"  and looks great from a distance too.  The colors really POP. 
Below you can see the painting hanging over my fireplace mantel.  As you can see this is a substantial painting.  Due to the largeness of this piece, the shipping will be costly.  

Thanks for looking! and POST MESSAGE me with questions.  Happy Family, Happy Spring! 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Kolene Spicher Original Landscape with Red House

A Happy Family
Lives near the Water  
I don't know if you can see it, but there is a family drawn into the painting! That will be another day that this will be painted into the piece. 

I love the little garden chair and the flowers that look like an antique sampler.  I plan to add some more flowers.  LOOK AT THAT FRAME!  
This painting also has some great antique glass!  
You can see the family in this picture 
More details will be added to the house as well as the 4 people front and left of center.  

Check back early next week for the conclusion!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Kolene Spicher original painting Whale and fisherman

His Finest Catch 

And maybe his greatest hour.
A whale of a fish! 
I love to tell a story.  True or false, it's just fun.  Today, I present my little original painting, His Finest Catch.  The size overall is 6.75"x 13.5" and I am selling it on ETSY for $525, plus shipping.  

Here are some additional pictures of this fine little painting.  By the way, I present these pictures from beginning to end and also show it hanging in various places throughout my studio so you can get the feel for size and color.  This painting was carefully antiqued at the end so as to not rob the painting of the richness of its color. 

I started out with a drawing.  
I don't know how to explain it but I go from front to back.  I start at the base (many times) of the painting and sort of work my way into the distance.  

As many small paintings usually will display well on a shelf or in a cabinet, this one is no different.  I love it displayed with my items from the sea and other nautical things.  

I wouldn't say the frame is anything really unique.  It is just a simple gold frame with great old glass which I didn't photograph because it keeps a constant glare on the painting and makes it difficult to capture the details.  

Finally, here it is with some of my other paintings so that you can see that it will blend well with my other work if you are deciding to add this to your collection. 

Look for this on ETSY at 


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Kolene Spicher Original Painting, He was an Oxford Man

The Man on a Prestigious  Horse

This was one of those paintings that I thought I would never complete.  I kept setting it aside for other jobs, even though I loved it.  I had about three different titles on it, one of which was entirely incorrect in its usage of the word.  Oh My, It's good that I have a day job that doesn't involve grammar and spelling.  People at Spicher and Co would say, "Amen" to that. 

As I painted this gentleman, I kept thinking that he looked...important.  Where was he going?  Where did he come from.  I just couldn't decide.  Was he a lawyer?  Maybe.  Could he be a doctor?  No, he didn't look like he was in a hurry.  Then it hit me, he was an Oxford man, whatever that means, I don't care, I like it.  

The frame is a bit beat up but it adds character to the piece.  The liner itself is in good condition. 
The little town in the background added the color that this painting craved.  

I seem to have a certain repeated attraction for distinguished looking gentlemen.  I love horses and farm animals, too, and think they make great subject matter.  

The outside dimensions on this are 18 1/4 x 16"
This is a nice size for just sticking it somewhere, not too large and not too small. 
I love the color tones, too.  It has a mysteriousness to it but with the light background and rich red houses, the painting seems bright.    I am going to put it on ETSY but will let it hang for now beneath my favorite ship painting.  They look great together.  Here is a full shot of the ship... 


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Kolene Spicher for Spicher and Co Original antique frame artwork for sale Birds, Trees, sky, and Landscape paintings

Paintings for sale on ETSY 

This is the lot of them!  
There is a link to each picture below that will (if copied and pasted) take you to my Etsy store, KOLENESPICHER. 


I like this one because it has the little bird's nest in the branch.  I love the naked tree!  NO LEAVES!  
Just copy and paste the link below each painting to see them on ETSY.  This puts me in mind of baby shower.
I also have another oval that I think is precious, too.   I think WEDDING for this one!
I like this one because it is actually taken from a tree in my back yard.  I live over a valley and there are mountains surrounding me with lots and lots of birds.
I love hanging art in unconventional ways.  In this picture, I have the painting hanging over the knobs of my most recent project where I painted a cabinet with blue paint to look like that old antique blue chippy paint.
I live in a family that HUNTS.  We enjoy living off the land.  I think this would be a nice painting for a man in a masculine setting.  Maybe a father's day gift.
I really love this one.  Again this is a tree from near my home.  I just love the shape of a tree.  I love the leaves but love the tree more without them.  It is just pure art.  The knots, the crooked branches, the imperfections...they make the tree unique and perfect.  The sky gives this a peaceful feel.  LOVE.
Well, that is it!  I hope you take the time to go to my store and take a look at what I am offering.  If you buy more than one, I can offer a better discount. 

Kolene Spicher