Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Holiday Mermaid "Facebook Early American Folk Arts and Trades Marketplace" Painting, Post 2

The Pencil Drawing Details of my Musical Mermaid

along with some watercolor.  

Before detail 
After the composition drawn into the painting 
I decided that I was NOT going to use the Folk Festival in the title.  SO the mermaid below is sort of obsolete.  The composition otherwise is fine.  I am going to change her hat, too.   

Before the details.  Take a look at this white frame, though, so beautiful.  I think
it is perfect for a snow scene 
Don't forget that this painting will be entered into the Facebook Early American Folk Arts and Trades Marketplace online exhibit.  If you copy and paste this link, you can be part of this event.  You will not want to delay, however, because you must be included in this GROUP in order to look at and purchase the work that will be exhibiting.   Here is the link: 


I have started to watercolor 
As you can see, there were some steps left out of this.  For the sake of time, I needed to just skip the unnecessary details.  There are too many photos to cram into this entry, so stay tuned for Blog Entry No. 3.  


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