Monday, October 10, 2016

Holiday Mermaid "Facebook Early American Folk Arts and Trades Marketplace" Painting

My Wintery 
Salt Water Folk Festival Painting  

Snow, skating, and wintertime Nautical in the background 
Boy that title is a mouthful!  I know it's hard to believe, but we are heading into the holidays.  I want to so badly call her Christmas Day Mermaid but am concerned that people will hesitate to purchase a mermaid that you can only hang a few months out of the year.   The frame on this is fabulous and once the skaters and sailors and water are in place, it will look very festive and inviting. 

This painting is going to be entered into a FACEBOOK event.  You will be able to purchase it at this time.  I have been working on her but am going to post her progress in phases so that my followers can see how my painting's progress and how it comes together.  Here's the event link for you to copy and paste in order to see the event:

Here are some details of the event.  It is called The Early American Folk Arts and Trades Marketplace.  

The date will be October 15-16, 2016 
10 am-5 pm (Saturday)
10 am-11 am (Sunday)  

If you go to the above link, you can see other artists' goods that will also be for sale. 

Beautiful early 1900s frame. 

Here's a closeup of the fabulous frame.  It is quite large and the glass is still in tact and very old and wonderful and wavy! 

The mermaid will fill the opening, but there is still plenty of space for wintertime on 
either side of her.  

Another closeup! 

As I type, I have some friends today that are keeping me from achieving much of anything! I am dog sitting, smile.  

Meet my two companions, Scout and Girl. 

Don't forget, This painting will be entered into the Facebook Market Place Event.  
Check her progress out on

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