Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Custom House Portrait in American Folk Art Style

A portrait in the Georgian Style

Post 1

I  asked the question on the internet, "What makes a house Georgian in style?"  A lot came up but in a nutshell it is this.  The Georgian style consistently is admired for its symmetry, classic proportions, and decorative elements.  I would classify this house portrait in that genre.  

The customer included a lot of pictures of his home in various seasons.  I was really torn between the snow scene and this picture with the pumpkin.  I love the colors in the above picture. (above)

I really think this is pretty
The details on this house are amazing.  There are so many things that are not immediately seen.  I love the bricks at the foundation and the two chimneys!   The columns are fluted, too!

There are three starfish in each window, compliments of there many trips to Nantucket.  Note the sailboats in the transom window of the door
There is a small garage off to the left.  I may include a very diminished version of that in the painting as well as the fence.  The fence is very Nantucket, as well!

I am going to place this painting behind glass.  Hopefully, I can come up with some antique glass, but the size of the frame is on the large size.  It might be difficult to find.

Here is a shot of the frame.

This frame has a nice lemon gold liner.  Often times, these liners are a mess. 

Please check back for updates on this painting.  It might be a few days because I have three projects going right now! 



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