Monday, May 23, 2016

Whimsical Impressionistic Windows, Part 3

The Final two Windows

A Hotel room with a view 
I can't paint windows without including a window from a hotel.  When I visited Paris, I was transfixed with the view.  It was so gorgeous with the rivers and 
Eiffel Tower and all the architectural details, total feast for the eyes!  

I tore the edges on these windows so that I can
mount them on some beautiful paper.  I will frames them all the same size. 
I loved the idea of having a window with a topiary.  When I was in Paris, there were many topiary trees with beautiful bases.  They were lining the streets, some of them had flowers, but they were all well done and maintained.  SO MUCH FUN.  

This one is my favorite, I think.  I love all the action and the colors with the little boat.  The birds add some whimsy.  

I wish that I had 10 of these frames, but I do not.  I am going to take them to a framer and get another opinion about how they should be framed.  If anyone has any suggestions, Please message me.  I welcome the feedback.  

Ten of them!!  
This was a fun project.  It was time-consuming, but that is okay.  It is very rewarding to have something that is complete and detailed.  I will have one more post that will include how I decided to frame these.  


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