Friday, May 27, 2016

Show Paintings for September 2016 ~ The Bedminster Doylestown Art Show

Nautical Paintings for my UpCOMING 

Doylestown, PA Show (formerly called the Bedminster show)

in September 2016 

I am starting to stock pile paintings.  It is necessary for me to set aside artwork so that I am not painting "last minute" slipshod  artwork.  As I have said, I like to take my time and work thru the process and produce great stuff!! 

I removed the drape along the side as it was too distracting.  

I added ropes on either side of the red curtain and it looks really nice 
I got lucky when I picked up these frames on the two larger pieces, as they are identical in size.  I love how it all goes together.  Three of the four of these (above) were part of a painting that was all attached.  I decided that I disliked the frame and that it would sell better if they were smaller paintings.  

I love the crackled canvas.  Because they are not on paper, they are not behind glass.  

You can see how they all sort of meld together and the colors blend well.  This is important to me, as I want all of my artwork to hang well together, should you decide to buy them all! I added the little boater in the front left of the round piece.  That is why I included this piece in this batch, I know that I already had blogged about the round piece.  

Enjoy! Thanks for looking.  Let me know if you would like some free tickets to the Doylestown, PA show in September! 

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