Monday, October 12, 2015

The Process of Creating new Mermaid Paintings

Mermaids, Mermaids, Mermaids

These two paintings will be taken to my show in Wilton Connecticut at the Wilton Historical Society November 6-8, 2015

Love the Fall Apples  - HER HANDS ARE NOT DONE! 
I have always been a big fan of the fall.  I had this wonderful old frame which was pine.  It had knots and patina and warmth.  Using antique frames is a wonderful way to repurpose old frames that nobody is buying.  

I am not finished with it yet because I want to add more details to the painting itself, like a ship and possibly a sailor or maybe a seashell.  Or maybe just a ship.  NOT sure yet! 

I think it's so wonderful and warm (the frame) and the basket is very 'Nantucket like.'  I miss painting for Nantucket Country.  Now that this store ihas closed, it feels sort of sad for me when I think of Nantucket.  Cam Dutton, you made it all wonderful.   

I would put the ship in the left side, I think.  It's going to be called, The apple of His eye.  

So many of you have seen this  next one.  I had it in a new and different frame, but I couldn't see it right in that frame.  I never have been able to find an antique frame to match it in size.  Recently, I found this one. It is very old, but someone painted it white--Ouch. 

Color has to go - :( Sorry Shabby Chic people, while I love this style, not for this mermaid. 

I picked up some milk paint and started to paint and paint and paint.  I wanted it to match the frame that is above with the apples.  Here is what I came up with! It's close but not exactly. I would give it a blue ribbon, though.  

The right frame is painted to look like
I have to say that I LOVE this.  I really am pleased with how it turned out.  It's very picture realistic to wood and has a good look to it.  As you can see, the frame is slightly too big, so I will have to do a  modification on the frame, Alas, more time.  

Thanks for looking!  I will post another picture when I have finished up with these!  The one on the right is not finished! 

Closeup of frame technique



Don Wolfe said...

Kolene, your mermaids are fantastic! I draw inspiration from my rockin' mermaid every day. Love it.

Don Wolfe said...

Kolene, your mermaids are fantastic! I draw inspiration from my rockin' mermaid every day. Love it!

Kolene Spicher said...

Thanks, Don! Your venue in which you create is quite awesome. It reminds me of something that you would see in a very cool coffee table book. I love that my mermaid hangs in your cool building!