Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Kolene Spicher Angel Mermaid

She Finally Got her Wings! 

Original Acrylic Painting on Paper 

Title in lower right corner. 

New Frame
When it comes time to name these mermaids, I just seem to get an idea while painting them and I seldom get 'stuck'.   I don't start the painting with any solid direction.  I just know that I want to paint something MERMAID, and the title just comes to me.  I thought this was sort of funny and very "It's a wonderful life" like.  

I am running out of places to place these paintings (as far as taking photographs) I want the viewer to imagine the painting in their own environment.  I just love how the colors look with the seashells.  I love being able to just paint, too, with no solid direction.   

I like the crown. 

My signature ship is in the background like so many of my mermaid paintings.  

I think her etherial looking face is so pretty.

I also enjoyed painting the ocean with the suggestion of deep waves.  The color is a cold blue and it is a wonderful contrast to her warm tail and top color.  

Thanks for looking! 


This painting will be added to my Doylestown Show inventory in September.  If you are interested in this show, please message me thru Facebook for complimentary tickets. 

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