Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Show House Installation of Equestrian Show Horses and hunting animals by Kolene Spicher-Part 1

Charming Mud Room 

Stone wall in a Pennsylvania Farmstead,
York County
I have always had a fascination with stone houses and anything equestrian.  When I had the opportunity to help decorator friend Dede Rothman, I jumped on it.  we have had so much fun filling this laundry/mudroom with amenities.  Dede was full of fun ideas to hang the art, some of which I intend to do again.
The leather straps add a touch of equestrian and at the same time preserve the beautiful stone wall. 
I loved the used of patterns that were present in the room.  It had a cowboy/hunting/equestrian feel.  It's almost as if this Mudroom was where the "Guys" hung out!  The beautiful handmade tiles were complimented by her choice of mint green trim paint. The prints are by Kolene Spicher for Spicher and Co.
Love the saddle and pussy willows! 
Every part of the room was designed to pull you in.  Even the color of the washer and dryer was unique and truly beautiful.
Spicher and Co. signage! 
There was a Vintage Vinyl floor cloth, too,  on the floor.  This was also by Spicher and Co.
Look at the patterns and how the colors just blend wonderfully with the artwork and the walls and the trim.  

These two hunting prints were just casually leaned up against the window.  I am a huge advocate of layering.  It really is a great way to add depth to your room and interest.  

I know you have seen this sign, but I wanted you to also see how fantastic this door was.  Don't we all want a mud/laundry room like this?? 

Thanks for looking! 


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