Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Quirky and Unexpected Decorating with Kolene Spicher Dog Silhouettes

Mixing Antique Silhouettes with Contemporary ones 

Kolene Spicher Dog Silhouettes 
Loving the mix of bottles in front, too.

I think what makes this fun is that your eye doesn't realize that there are dog silhouettes in this mix of antique ones.  Your eye tricks you, you believe that you are looking at people.  It's a fun way to decorate because it is unexpected

I have always co-mingled my artwork with the old original antique, but to mix things up a bit, I decided to rearrange  my Antique Silhouettes with my reproduction dog silhouettes.  It is sort of unexpected and quirky.  Recently, I had a very good designer (who I admire) tell me that was the secret to creating an atmosphere in a home that holds people's interest and makes them engage with their surroundings.  He told me this as I meandered around his beautiful home, stopping at every corner to think, "Gee, I wouldn't have thought to do that."  

Look at the dogs, 4th row and 8th row from the top. 

I have this wall of silhouettes that were begging to be rehung (they still are begging).  I thought before doing that, I would play around with trying to fit some of my new
dog silhouettes into the mix.  That is why there are some gaps here and there that are not consistent.  Turns out, making things 'quirky and appealing' is a little more time-consuming than what might appear from the surface.  

I like the rubbed look of the dog print.  The red coming thru makes me think of
antique graining.

Take a look at this dog print.  The beaded frame also looks vintage.  I think french. 

If you can find the old ones, buy them up!  Find a small wall and hang them  in a staggered manner
(I also learned them from my decorator friend). 
These dog silhouettes will be listed on my KOLENESPICHER Etsy store Very Soon!  Possibly today! 

Thanks for looking

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