Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Everything is Coming up Blue

Blue designs for 2015

The flower! 


I love to experiment with different papers.  This old wrinkled looking paper was fun and interesting to paint on.  I am not certain how these will reproduce (They will hate me at work),  but you don't know until you try.  That's my motto! 

Some of the current designs that have already been to trade show are included below!  Below is a small section of our Spicher and Co. High Point, NC showroom! 

LOVE, love, love the floorcloth.  

Simply stated and elegant! 

In this grouping you can see how they all flow and hang well together.  This wall is fresh and there's nothing quite like it at market, that is my goal, by the way! 

Love the birds, black and white flowers, and the cool numbers!  We are into blue!!!

Here at Spicher and Co., we are really interested in the overall look of our products.  There is a deliberate effort that is made each market to coordinate the colors and the designs.  Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it helps our customers display the items that they purchase in their own store front.  We learn from them, too.  We LOVE it when people send pictures showing how they display our products.
Herbs.  I haven't done anything with these, yet.  I am thinking of selling
 the originals on ETSY KOLENE SPICHER. 
Thanks for looking!

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