Saturday, January 24, 2015

19th Century Reproduction Antique American Folk Art Child's Portrait


The Silver Spoon

She Was Barely One! 
She loves anything that moves and makes noise
hence the bird!  

This is a portrait of a little girl.  Actually, this is my niece and I will be giving this as a first birthday gift!  She is the most amazingly beautiful little gift and I couldn't wait to illustrate her likeness. 

She was Barely One! 
Everyone loves polka dots and this girl's personality can carry off Red like no other!  Full of fun and smiles, she is the best little baby! 

Why did I give her a silver spoon.  Well, this part is sort of tongue in cheek.  She's blessed.  She has so many people that adore her and she was so very wanted.  Everyone is happy to see her ALL THE TIME. But mostly the reason for the silver spoon is her incredible love for eating.  I have never seen a baby get so excited when she saw a jar of baby food.  She is in love with eating! 

This one's a gift from me! 
Thanks for looking!  Have a great day! 

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The little round one! 

Enjoy the snow! 

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