Wednesday, October 22, 2014

High Point Trade Show - Wall of Ships

Wall of Ships 

Some pictures of Spicher and Co's Show Room - High Point, NC 

This is one of my favorite walls

I just arrived back home from our trade show in High Point, NC.  It was a great trip and a really good show.  I thought that I would give you a glimpse into our show room there.  The above pictures features a wall of some of my ship paintings that I have sold over the years.  

Recently, we had the ship paintings RESIZED.  This simply means that we enlarged and or shrank them in  size to accommodate the SAME SIZED FRAME for each print.  This was long overdue and I am so happy that we did it! It created a lot of effect! 

Bottom Portion 

Top Portion 
Why did I bother to resize, you may wonder.  Simply for ease of hanging.  If you are bring to decorate a large wall with many pictures, it is so much easier to hang the prints if they are all the same size.  Plus it brings so much drama and effect!  
A close up! 

Love the green water with the stormy sky! 
I love how all the colors of the water just meld with one another from print to print.  You could easily do a WHOLE wall of these (if you loved impact).  It would be incredible.  If you are interested in these prints, please contact me or Spicher and Co., and I will set you up with an outlet in your area.  

Also, if you love the real deal,  check with me because I may have an original painting around my studio.  I am painting all the time and have some inventory! 

Enjoy and watch for more market pictures! 

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