Wednesday, October 22, 2014

High Point Trade Show - Stage Lights!

A Wall of Stage Lights! 
Great for a loft or media area or metropolitan apartment 
I THINK these are super cool.  I am not going to lie, these are my favorite new Spicher and Co. print series.  

Maybe I am hoping to one day live in a loft style home with big windows overlooking a city-IDK, but for some reason, I am in love with stage lighting.  This was is at the entrance of our showroom in North Carolina's Highpoint Furniture Market show!  

The drama that is created by this wall is hard to capture on camera.  These are strong pieces and would look really spectacular in a large area where a family or person just wants to 'hang out' and play pool, watch the game, or have some fun.  

You could hang these over a couch or in an entry way or simply behind a self-standing TV.  Think out of the box!!  

Watch for more showroom pictures! 



Jane Dagmi said...

Those lights were indeed totally cool as was the entire floor-to- ceiling-decorated space. It was visually arresting and overwhelming in a truly great way! Beautifully articulated work and all well hung! ;))

Kolene Spicher said...

Thanks, Jane! It was so nice to see you again after so many years. The artwork and the flooring looked so special in that HIGH POINT showroom. Thanks for stopping by and connecting and for your nice comment!