Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Man with a fake mermaid tail

MERMAN and Mermaid! 

Have you ever stood behind a board that was painted  on the front  side with a hole cut out for your face?  THEN Someone on the other side snaps a picture!  Wa'la you have an instant transformation--a photo, and it's of your sweet face with another body!  That was what I had in mind when I painted this!  

look at his feet! 
This painting happened to be still for sale at the end of the day this last weekend at the Doylestown, PA Show.  It always surprises me the ones that go first.  I would have thought this would have been one of the first ones to go because it's funny, the colors are wonderful on it,  and I love his old swimsuit stripes!

He looks so bored. So why would this poor guy humiliate himself like this? 

The lemony gold frame that is an antique also happens to be in fantastic condition! 

The 15 cent sign is a little brighter than in reality
but it's so cute
I love the nostalgia of this painting and it would go well with any other of my mermaid paintings or even an ocean scene.  Look at the writing out in the waves!  It begs for you to notice it but doesn't scream for it!  It's very subtle!

Finally here is the painting in its entirety! See how the ocean writing blends in??  Let me know if you want a price for this.  I may put it on Etsy.  We will see!! 

The rope is an old sailor's rope that was probably knotted on a ship.  This rope came from NANTUCKET COUNTRY.  


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