Monday, September 8, 2014

Decorating An Outdoor Shower Area

Outdoor Shower Area 
Near the Chesapeake Bay 


Back in August, I helped decorate an outdoor shower area that is frequently used by the public.  I have been waiting on pictures to show you.   This bathroom was old and tired looking from years of use and little time.  People get busy and I get it.

Because there was not a budget for original artwork,  we updated the area with our print line available thru  We sell to the trade but if you see something that you like, email me, I will do my best to set you up with a distributor.

 I chose umbrellas because this little place is virtually on the water.  Because it was a 'shower' area, I thought the umbrella prints would look clever and neat.  The sky in the background was my way to make them stand out and not look like everybody else's umbrella pictures.

Because the location is near the city of Annapolis, we thought the big A would look neat.  This area is painted an industrial looking grey (trim) and the walls a lighter grey/green version. This bathing area is very small even if the prints make it look bigger.  It consists of a shower room, a bathroom, and a hallway, and THAT'S IT!   We didn't have a big budget, either. 

I love the whale piece, which is actually 3 prints put together! 

On 8-14-2014 I posted about sailboat prints, which were actually duplicates that were accidentally made for this small job.  The duplicates are for sale on my Etsy store, KOLENESPICHER. This is my little store that I use to sell the duplicates that I use for photo shoots and and the originals that I am ready to part with.

I hung the sailboats in the lavatory area.  

 I apologize for the quality of these pictures, but the bathroom is sort of dark, too, although it is clean.   The location is incredible.

 One of the things that really pleased me about this job the most was the fact that one of our Vintage Vinyl* floorcloths fit the hallway perfectly.

Thanks for looking today! 

*Vintage Vinyl is a trademarked name for the vinyl rugs sold thru Spicher and Co.  

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