Monday, June 30, 2014

Nantucket Fourth of July Painting

The Mermaid's Nantucket Parade

It was an amazing time! 

This painting is for sale thru Nantucket Country, Nantucket, Massachusetts 

Cotuit is the narrow strip of land that runs along side of
the mainland at Nantucket Harbor 
It's been a few days since I have posted.   I decided to go on a vacation, whata ya know!  So this is a painting that I just finished as of June 2014.  It's current, as they say!  Because the subject matter is about the 4th, I knew that it had to look patriotic.  Mermaid's Toggery is a play on Murray's Toggery which is a store in downtown Nantucket.  The cobblestones still exist on this faraway island and are part of its quaint charm! 

I put a lot of thought into my paintings and love when you have to take a good 10 minutes to absorb all the funny details.  I really loved the Heaven Swing idea.  If you look carefully at the top of the swing, you will see some 'heavenly' arms holding the ropes along with his hat falling from the 'holy' clouds.

I also love the hollow whale ride (see below).  When I was a little girl, they used to make some amazing floats in our downtown Carlisle, Pa parades.  Maybe it was because I was young, and everything looked amazing back then. 

Fire bucket compliments of Cotuit! 

The hollow whale has an interesting looking sailor inside its mouth.  Check out his 'clown' foot! 
Mermaid Toggery sells Whatever Floats! 
I think wherever there are mermaids, you have to have a little water.  I love the sweet face of the mermaid with the bucket of water! 
The ticked off looking mermaid is holding a sparkler

Look at the sheen on the whale, the bumps are crackled like an old painting
the finish is Encaustic over Acrylic. 
I can paint more serious if I want to, but let's face it.  There are plenty of serious looking paintings out there, and  I feel my whimsical mermaids meet a niche in the market that is needed!  We all need to smile a little.   I am fairly certain that this painting is going to be in the main storefront window of Nantucket Country this July 4th weekend.  Nantucket Country will have this framed in an antique frame.  Sometimes its tiger maple or birds-eye maple, and other times its a cherry frame or a walnut with a gold leaf liner.  One thing is for sure, her frames are amazing and they are genuine antiques.  

Thanks for looking and happy holiday week!  We are blessed to live in the USA!!! 


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