Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Young child Silhouette in Miniature format

Young Girl Silhouette with hand rubbed finish 

Painted in that 18th and 19th Century Style 

I love her pretty red dress. (Just shy of 5 inches) 

I love to paint little pictures.  The only downside to painting smalls is that it really takes a good amount of time...  I make a mess and spill things and typically spend as much time on something small as I do a larger piece.  Why do I do it then??  Well, it is because there are many collectors of artwork that hesitate to spend a lot of money on someone they do not know.  I wish to expand my market; therefore, I am willing to do a few smaller pieces to get the customer.  It's all fun!  
This little piece was really a newer frame that I picked up somewhere and isn't all that old.  I like it sitting on a bookshelf, but I also think it would be sweet to hang. It just blends in nicely with my furnishings.  
There's a slight glare on this picture, but you get the idea! 
The overall dimensions are 3 1/2 x 4 1/2"

To give you a good idea of the scale of this picture, it easily fits into the palm of my hand!
In case it's not clear, she is holding a bird! 

Check out the Hand-rubbed finish

The color in the above example is not entirely accurate, the original is more like an almond color that is gently toasted! 

I have an Etsy page.  I have been very lazy about posting to it.  I have only one picture on it.  Today, I decided to post another~WOW.  This little portrait.  If you are interested in her, I have made it affordable.  Remember, she is all hand painted and finished, ready to go, immediately! Think birthday or belated mother's day or even father's day.

*Today, I am doing something a little different!  If you like my page on FB and 'share' this link to your Facebook, I am going to have a giveaway.  The silhouette print below is the prize! (NOT the small round one).  The size of the square giveaway print is square 7"x9".  This is a $50 value.  One person will be selected at the end of the week!  

**The winner was Katie G.  Yay, Katie! May 16, 2014 

Also don't forget to check out my etsy page!!  I have the round one up right now! 



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