Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Two Bluebirds flying High

A Painting about Bluebirds 
When I was a very little girl, my grandmother used to recite poetry.  She had many poems put to memory.  One was about birds.  Try as I may, I could not find 'her version' of the bluebird poem.  

What I did find is a poem about the Blue Willow pattern, which she had a FULL set in her corner cupboard! I imagine that she would have loved this poem, and just maybe, she would have been able to recite it, herself!  She lived to be 100.  She was amazing. 

Here is the poem: 

Two Birds Flying High

Two birds flying high;
a little ship sailing by; 
a Chinese castle here it stands;
facing many far 'way lands.
A little bridge,
three men upon, 
A willow tree, 
that ends my song. 

I decided that I wanted to paint blue birds and was going to use up some of my round or oval antique frames.  This was what I came up with. 

This looks like a huge contact lens, doesn't it? 
Because I put one of my special finishes on this painting, it doesn't necessarily "HAVE" to be put under glass.  What do you think? 

This looks a little brighter than the first image and it is because the glass sort of casts a shadow over the water color.  Plus, it just photographs differently without the glass.  I am sort of loving the concave glass from the early 1900s which is why I never used this frame~I wanted to keep it! 

I will try to update this post after I have the painting assembled.  

Also, If you have a bird that is your favorite, and you would like to see paint your bird choice, drop a note or make a comment. 

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