Tuesday, May 20, 2014



Springtime comes to the woods
Good day to you!  Thanks for visiting my blog site.  Today, I wish to talk about a little painting I did a good while ago.  I am happy to say I found 10 very nice sized paintings in a crate in our warehouse.  This one dates to probably 1995 ~ maybe.  How did it end up in a crate, you might be thinking?

Well, many of you that know me realize that I have had a very long battle with Ovarian Cancer.  I have been in and out of the hospital a lot of the last 23 years.  Each time I go 'in' everything sort of comes to a screeching halt in my studio.  Things get put away and I rest.  I rest for a long time.  Each time I have been sick, it has been for the same thing, Cancer.  I hate it cancer and what it does to people's lives but God promises to be with us, and I have with God's help beat it every time.  I am so thankful, too.  

As I said in an earlier post, we have been cleaning house.  Along with dozens of packs of cards found, there were also some early paintings of mine.  This one is one of them.  I am going to list it on my KOLENESPICHER Etsy acct. if you wish to purchase it.  People that have bought paintings with this hand grain frame may be interested.  I can't get these frames any longer very easily.  

The title is on the right (sorry about the shadow) "Springtime comes to the woods"

What is really sweet about this painting is that it is about NEW BEGINNINGS.   Just like spring is in the beginning of life each year and signifies life,  Nature sheds its garment of death and in turn sprouts new life.  The little house that is attached to the log cabin has a newborn baby in the window with a caption written in the grass Baby in the Picture Window!

How about the little Peeps!! 
The man carrying the water has a caption that reads Bringing water to Bathe my Babies! 
Celebrating the new Baby 
The whole painting is really about the new baby but it is also about New Beginnings.  I know because that was what I was thinking about and hoping for when I painted it!! 

This frame was hand-grained
 have sold many, many landscape paintings with this very frame on them.  The warm glows of the 'faux' wood just blend and compliment my work.  I was really thrilled to find this!!  I should get cards made out of it.  They wouldn't be like the other cards because I would need to do very limited quantities.  Wouldn't this be a darling baby thank you card?? 

Resting before the rain
This cow is doing what we all like to do…REST.  Let's all rest a  just little today!

Don't forget to check out my ETSY store.  I am listed under KOLENESPICHER.  I will be listing this painting!  Check it out! For a week, I am offering 10 percent off for orders over $100. 

Finally, here's a closeup very large! 

Enjoy the beautiful Springtime in the Northeast (if you are here!)  It is so wonderful outside today! 


Svitlana Shamshyna said...

Hey, I really like this one, so positive and fun.

Kolene Spicher said...

Thanks Svitlana. What a super sweet thing to say!