Thursday, May 22, 2014

Scissor Illustrations

Scissor Illustrations in Black Newsprint Frame

The Samples 

Etsy listing

THIS IS ONE OF ABOUT 5 THAT ARE LISTED ON ETSY.  IF You are interested in buying these prints, I will offer a group discount.  Contact me! 

Each time we develop a new item, we make up a sample.  The following pictures below were part of the 'sample' pictures that were developed around my scissor idea (back in 07).
Love the splash of color on the handle and the black Newsprint frame! 
The fact remains~I have painted almost everything under the sun.  Well, maybe not …I can't think of anything.  Back in 2007, I illustrated 5 different antique pairs of scissors.  I don't know where all I collected my reference material from, but it all has a very "French" feel to it...  Some of it came from my grandmother who had a little collection of scissors and thimbles and some of the reference material came from the web.

They were drawn very lightly in pencil and then watercolored to achieve the soft look that I am presenting today.  I have the scissors photographed in various settings around the house so that you can see that they would look good almost anywhere.  I think an office or bathroom or hair salon would look really neat.  Heck, I would hang these in a kitchen.  For the past 5 years, they were at the entrance to my laundry room.  I LOVE THEM and still do, it's just I am redoing things.  

I have these listed on Etsy.  You can check them out.  They have the word "sample" where my name would normally be written.  That was because they were just that, a sample.  Today they are part of our line and you can see them on the S & Co. website, too.

There are a total of 5 of them on Etsy today and you cannot find anything like this exactly at Spicher because for one thing they are not the sample.

The 5 available - LOVE THE FRAME
The details were executed in pencil with a wash of watercolor. 

I love the way they all look ganged together on my crazy floorcloth (also from S & Co.) and you can see the floorcloths too at

Here are a few more shots of the 5 scissor prints available: 

This one (above) is a little different in that the base of the scissor cutting edge is YELLOW.  
Each print is signed on the reverse to look like this. 

This one is slightly different than the First pair in that the handle is not colored.  

I hope that you enjoyed seeing them.  It is so fun changing things up and bringing in something new.  If you think you would be interested in any of these scissor prints, check out my Etsy store or 

And YET another pair.

Thanks for looking! Enjoy!! 

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