Thursday, May 8, 2014

ROSES in an Urn - Primitive 19th Century Reproductiion


Pen and Ink Style Reproduction Flower Painting
Today, I decided to talk about this little painting.  I just love primitive folk art and I really like to 'invent' my own thing.  If someone else is doing it, I shy away.  This particular piece was painted on paper and is behind ANTIQUE glass.  Each step of this piece was important to achieving the 'overall' look of the painting.  
Antique Lemon Gold Frame
Even the little pinstripe that I painted along the edge just adds to this picture.  I am typically not a plumb sort of girl--things are usually out of level.  Having married a carpenter and having a dad as a carpenter, makes me at the least TRY to paint straight.  Because they make fun of me if it's crooked.   I spent some time on this edge (in other words).  I love the lemon gold frame.  I usually buy them when I see them.  If there is antique glass in it, all the better! 

I folded this paper and did my thing that I always like to do--distress the H E double toothpicks out of it.  I sometimes don't know when to stop--downside. 

In this shot you sort of get an idea of the scale of the piece.  Take a look at that banana.  You can see that this is about 2 1/2 bananas high and 2 bananas wide.  Now I am sounding like a monkey. 

This painting is sold! 

Another Urn painting 

In this style, I chose to do mostly black and white ink.  It still has that primitive feel but is really not as 'serious' of a painting.  It is fun and stylistic and even contemporary.  This is also sold.  I included it so that you can see some of the various styles that I like to experiment within.  I actually blogged about this painting on February 8, 2014 if you want to look it up! 


I hope you have enjoyed today's post.  It takes a lot of my morning each day doing it, but I really enjoy it and it makes me happy--that's the goal. 


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