Monday, May 26, 2014

Ladies and Gentleman DOG Silhouettes

There are few things that scream Whimsical more than these - Dog Silhouettes 


Fun Artwork for the Den, Library, TV room, or Living Room
These little guys are so cute.  Many of you may have seen them larger scale but here I present to you the smallest version.  They measure about 6 1/2" X 7 3/4" THEY look darling on a little wall or over a doorway.

The book reads "The Book of Dogverbs"

I named each of the books that the dogs held from famous books (with a twist).  I know I don't need to say this but just in case you don't "get" it, I will.  Dogverbs stands for Proverbs.  

The Frame is black with red highlights! 

This is too Yellow but I wanted you to see the newspaper purse.
This guy is not holding a book but rather a horse whip.  Fun isn't it?  I really love his red coat and his sweet profile.  I think that it could represent a number of different species but I think Lab! 

His jacket photographed more orangey red than in reality.  It is more like the lower picture in the middle  or perhaps a mix of the two.

Love the Gold frame here.  

Check out the newspaper!  (background is not yellowy)

These dogs would look cute in an office, too.  I think that they would make a sweet Father's Day gift if you have a dad that is a dog lover!!

Love the frame on this, too.  The black and gold really compliment each other and the dog. 

Moby Dog (instead of Moby Dick). 

If you love these and are interested in purchasing them, I have 3 of them for sale on Etsy.  Right now these are the only three I have available.  You may be able to buy them thru a store in your area, too, if they carry Spicher and Co. artwork. These are prints of my original work.    Go to my Etsy page KOLENESPICHER.  This is my store name!

Enjoy!  Thanks for looking.

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