Saturday, May 17, 2014

House Note Cards

A Blast from the Past 

Die Cut
Many years ago back in 1995, my husband and I had thousands of greeting cards printed.  It was an exciting time for me, to say the least.  I had about 15 designs (I think), and I would take them to shows.  I had them placed in Qty of 5 in a little cellophane bag.  We would sell them in little sets.  I had all sorts of cards--house cards, tea cups, a winter scene (yesterday's post), and even little bras and girdles.

As I said, I found a box of these little goodies and am selling them on Etsy.  I have a very limited supply.  My Etsy store is KOLENESPICHER so take a look.  They are $20 for a package of them, which is a little more than the one winter scene due to the expense of the die-cut. 

Look how primitive!!!! 
So you can have a sense of the die-cut shape, I have also included a picture of the card standing!

Same shape as the Red one!
They are printed on glossy premium card stock.  I think the die-cut feature makes them look high-end.  They were really expensive to produce, which is why we only did it one time.  As I said in yesterday's blog, I thought they were all gone…I am happy to find some.

We published it under Markol Greetings, which was just Mark and Kolene blended.  Isn't that special. 



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