Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hand Building Pottery - Some finished pieces and my feedback

My feedback on my Hand Building Pottery Pieces 

My favorite piece because I love the scalloped edge

Well, my first 8 weeks of Hand Building Pottery has flown by, and I just gave my instructor, Lin, another check for another 8 weeks.  I made 5 pieces, two of them were so-so and one of them was sent to that little trash can in the sky.  Surprisingly enough, the painting part of it was as challenging as anything.  Too much paint or not enough or blotchy~these are the problems that I encountered.  I am still going to use these pieces that I am getting ready to show you, but they are NOT without flaws.
Flour, Sugar, and Lemon tray 
You probably can see the issues.  The Lid on the left piece didn't stay true and flat.  That was because I constructed it incorrectly.  I didn't have enough support on the underside and it sagged (that was what the instructor said).  The tolerances on the right canister are not consistent.  It is necessary to have the lid lined up just perfectly for it to fit :(  I still like them, though, because I made them and I learned something.

This was my very VERY small brownie dish-LOL~it held 1/2 the recipe
(I guess I better learn to measure better!) 

As I said in an earlier post, clay is really like people.  You just don't know what you will get until it is fired by the adversity of LIFE.  The firing process brings the beauty out and makes the clay less fragile.  One day, I picked one of the lids up by the handle.  This was before it was fired but after the clay was dry.  The instructor noticed me do this and quickly cautioned me not to do that again until it is fired at least once.  "It will weaken it or worse break off!"

I love the color.  I don't Love the way it sagged outwardly.  But you know, it still is sort of neat.  It is unique, and well, I do like UNIQUE!

Next week, I am going to show you my twine holders.  Yes, a twine holder holds twine.  I think they are neat.  I made 6 of them and hope that they survive the 1st firing. HAHA. 

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