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A Painting of Prince George of Cambridge by Kolene Spicher

The Little Prince Becomes a Sailor 

Oh the many hats this little boy will wear!

New Frame~I really like this - See some photos below of the actual price with his little sister! 


The Little Prince! 

** February 21, 2015 - I wanted to add a little note about this boy's mother.  I think she is amazing.  Everything that I have read and heard about her impresses me.  I love that she cares for people that are bullied and under-rated in this life.  Recently, I watched a video of her that explains a little about one of her latest causes, those who suffer with depression and mental illness.  She talks about the importance of treating this young in life and how it is no different than any physical challenge that a person might face.  You can tell she really cares.  I read, also, that her  wedding  gifts that were monetary were donated to a cause that deals with children being harassed or bullied.  See, I like this.  I like her.  I hope that the wind is always to her back and that she can face the challenges ahead with fortitude and strength that brings honor to the fate that she has been handed.  I recently placed this in an additional frame.  The gold-leafed one is still there but I added an additional one to the outside.  Back to my blog. 

Recently, I went to spend some time with my Nonnie.  She is 94 and happens to love the royals.  She even went to Buckingham Palace and had tea when she was like 85.  She is amazing.  I decided to pick up a few magazines before going to see her so that she and I could look at the photos.  Wow, what a beautiful little boy, I found.  The magazine pictured him in all his little outfits, including an adorable sailboat jump suit which he filled quite well!  He is so cuddly looking, you just want to squeeze him.

I really liked those cheeks!  He's quite 'Cheeky,' you know! So I decided right then and there that I needed to do a painting of him.  I couldn't wait to get started.  Because I paint in that 'old antique-y way' it was a must that George be in correct 18th century attire.  I had some difficulty finding a
sailor's suit for someone so young that was correct and historic, so I had to
make it up a little…sorry.

The finish on this painting is what really is different for me.  I am moving toward 'REMOVING' all glass from my paper paintings.  I have started to put an different finish on them, and have to say that I absolutely LOVE the end result on this particular painting.

The drape that you see pictured across my painting was something that
was not unusual for the mid 1700-1800s.  It's just classic KOLENE, too.

I put that drape around everything from dogs to people.  This little fellow deserves a ROYAL drape.  I have the painting placed different places around my house to show what sort of 'hat' this babe will one day have to wear.  I even have a prayer written on the back of the painting that was (truthfully) included by accident.  I had a piece of wonderfully aged watercolor paper that I had finished for my Saint Prayers (see Prayer of Assisi post).  I didn't thing the script was as legible as I wanted it to be so I had decided not to use it or blog about it (It was prayer No. 2).  The paper looked so great on the reverse side that I decided that I would sketch George's face on it.  I ended up loving it :)
I included this picture so you could see the special finish
If you look at any of the magazines that are currently on the newsstands at your local grocery store, you will be amazed at all the nautical presents that this little guy received.  He is going to be a sailor, for sure.  This fellow will be wearing a NAUTICAL hat.  He will have to weather the storms of this life and steer his countrymen to safety!  I know, I know…I'm selling artwork here.
The Little Sailor
Don't forget that one day he will be King (pretty certain of this, I am).  So here's a shot of him with our wonderful first President~none other than George Washington!!  
The books and fruit suggest that he will also be knowledgable and the fruitful 
And another!
See George in the background!! He will need to be able to garden, too, hence the tree
A good king must be able to make just and judge decisions for the people he rules and with all righteousness.  He must be able to be both fair and strict and make discernment with regard to the law and take many matters into consideration, hence these weights.

What a wonderful glow this painting has! 
Finally, lest I bore you, or shall I say FURTHER bore you, here is a closeup! 
The creases were part of the prayer painting which is on the reverse.  I guess I need to show it!
The little clock key represents the importance of the monarchy.  It really keeps things ticking, you know! God save the Queen! 
As I said, this is literally on the backside of this painting. St. Ignatius' prayer.  
UPDATE**June 2015

I changed this frame and thought I'd update the post!  Plus, some new pictures came out of the little guy and so I thought I'd post them, too!

Here's the new frame! 


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