Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This Little Pig (Cochon) went to Market ~ Another set of Silhouettes!

This little Pig went to Market, and this little pig stayed home…. 

Pigs for your Kitchen! 
I am running out of ideas for these chairs!  I think that I may be done.  Well, there may be 2 more silhouettes that I paint, I am not sure if I will feel like more or not.  Anyways, here are my last two.  These bring back memories of my Mom and Dad playing with my little toes when I was a girl.  They would wiggle them and say this nursery rhyme.
This Little Piggy went to Market (English and penciled on the background) 
In French below it says A cochon est pour le Marche, which hopefully translates into A PIG FOR THE MARKET.  Again, I said in the last post, my French is not good and neither is my English at times.  I love the drape and the interest that it brings to the painting.  The simple pen and ink execution of the chair is brought up to a different level by the wrap.  It sort of makes the pig more important, I think.
The frame is old and the glass wavy, just the way I like it.  
Obviously, this is the Little Piggy that stayed home.  Again, Antique frame with old wavy glass.

Finally, here are all the silhouettes that I have completed so far!  Each one has its own special chair.  Do you have a special chair?  Would you like a painting done of yourself on your special chair?  JUST KIDDING.

BTW, when these were painted I had "cochon" spelled "cochen."  I have fixed this.  I hope that there are not more mistakes in this pile below! 

These will be made available thru Spicher and Co., Like us on Facebook!  If you would be interested in any of the paintings that I have shown here, please feel free to contact me! 


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