Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Chair Silhouettes in English / French ~ BIRDS

Anything that has a Bird in gets my Attention!! 
Well, it's official…spring is here!
  But, it sure doesn't feel much like it today.  Here I am in the North East, thinking to myself, I should go outside and exercise (fallen New Year's Resolution), and here I am sitting on my pa'toot typing like there's no tomorrow.   Nothing would be worse, though, if I was eating a lot, too!  (I am not eating like a pig, just not exercising~ha). Speaking of pigs, my next group of pictures that I am posting will be PIG silhouettes.  

These bird pictures are so much fun, I am sure that you would agree, if you could see them up and close.  There is so much that is lost in the transition between the real thing and the photo.  Try as I might, I just can't seem to get the shot without some silly white spot.  I do my best.  
I really like birds but not in my house unless they are…carved or painted. 

The red chair really stands out on this one.  The English part of this picture says, "A bird on a chair is worth two in a bush."  I thought this was clever!  The French across the bottom says Sens d'oiseau, which translates to BIRD SENSE.  You know, it occurred to me that I may be incorrect with this French to English thing (and vice versa).  I am not good at French AT ALL and sometimes not very good at English, either.  To me, it just meant that this was the Bird's logic, his SENSE, about the meaning of the painting.  
Birds of a feather!

I really liked this one.   I love the wonderful randomness of the placement of each bird.  If I had these birds in my house on a chair, I would literally have a stroke.  Again, this was just meant to be fun.  I think the French and English work on this painting.

Again, these are executed in watercolor and featured in wonderful Antique Frames with Wavy glass!  Yes, I love it when I find the good glass!


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