Saturday, March 15, 2014

Learning to Laugh at Ourselves

There's a Vice in us all! 

Learning to laugh at ourselves! 

The Artwork of Kolene Spicher for Spicher and Co.

I have (9) NINE of these little beauties painted, but here are just a few to wet the appetite!   I am sure that there are more than 9 vices out there!  I just tried to illustrate a few handfuls of them! 
The self-righteous drinker 
This one just cracks me up.  I didn't know what direction she was going until I got to the big 'gaudy' earrings.  Then, in a moment of inspiration and laughter, I got it!  The holier than thou drinker.  She probably drinks in the closet!

Knowledge PUFFETH up, but LOVE edifies
Okay, now just look at her!  Doesn't she look like she's just so stiff and filled with the pride of knowledge?  I can just see her smirk.  Well, we probably all have a little of her in us, so don't laugh too hard!  Remember, these are designed to make us smile.  There's no official title on any of the 9 but were painted and designed to be secretly identified within the viewer.  That is why I didn't show the face.  WE don't want to identify too hard with her.  

These could really hang anywhere, I think.  Studio, bedroom, library--heck, I have the guys hanging in my living room.  You know, you could even hang them in a kitchen.  I have one that illustrates a woman holding a chocolate sundae (She's such a glutton!). I hate her, she's skinny as can be!  haha.  

Here's my living room shot.  I am thinking of moving them to my TV room but  haven't done it yet.  I will show you a picture when and if I do!  You can see some of the Male Vices as well in my FEBRUARY 11, 2014 posting! 

There are 9 of these, too!
Living room shot
Around the beginning of April the female versions will be available thru  Check us out.  I have been getting some requests from people wanting to purchase things.  WE are always happy to sell directly if there is not a store in your area already.  

Sometimes, I have paintings available--like the pig that I posted yesterday, March 14.  I am happy to sell this if you want to contact me thru this blog.  Check us out on Facebook under Spicher and Co., or you can follow me by liking me KOLENE SPICHER as I have a Facebook page, too, for people wanting to follow my work.  


P.S.  I just found this additional vice...The Skinny Glutton!

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