Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Final Product, A Whale Painting for Nantucket Country

My latest Whaling Painting from start to finish for Nantucket Country, Nantucket, Mass.

And we end with these details!

It is finished!  

Part 4
Love the boat that is broken in half! That for sure could have happened! 

Title - "The Whalers" 
"There she blows!" Said the Lookout! 
Ok, now you can see there's a lot going on in this painting, which is exactly the way I wanted it! I think that these little scenes within the main scene or the canvas each depict something that is somewhat accurate but with a twist of the imagination.  To say that a person ever was caught in the spout of the whale water is for sure an exaggeration.  Having said that, it might have happened!  No one really knows. Ha.  But it makes for fun painting and funner viewing.  That's what I like. 
Toss the life-saving rope! 
I am sure back in those days, they used plenty of rope.  Now you can understand that there were whole families that were able to support themselves on the Whaling Trade.  (See previous Posts) 
The painting sitting on an old painted blue chest 
I include this shot to spur your imagination.  This painting could hang in an old primitive type home with period antiques or in an old paneled office~like below!

The colors are muted and vibrant at the same time~yes, this is possible! 

Lastly, here she is on my crazy floorcloth (Made exclusively by Spicher and Co.) 

This will be sent to NANTUCKET COUNTRY, 38 Centre Street, Nantucket, MA  02554



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