Thursday, March 20, 2014

A work in Progress

My latest Whaling Painting from start to finish for Nantucket Country, Nantucket, Mass.

How I choose my color palette 

Whaling Painting - Part 2

Whaling Scene - Pencil 'version'

Whaling Scene Pencil drawing - Rough Draft 

The above little scene shows the direction that I will be painting toward.  I want there to be LOTS of action and beautiful wavy water.  Because I happen to know that the frame is a tiger maple frame, I want the colors to be in the Cerulean Blue range.  They will compliment the warm hues that are present in maple.  BTW, the frame is an antique and fabulous.  Plus, my skies are generally painted with this color somewhere.  There's nothing worse (to me) than messing up the sky.
Color palette but with deeper hues
As for the water, there are several directions that I may go toward.  I don't know until I get it started.  Here are a few examples of past ship paintings that show some beautiful water!  These two paintings below have HORRIBLE resolution.  I painted them many years ago and do not have a good picture to show to you.   But if you look at them and squint your eye, you can see that the top example (1) is much darker in the water than the lower version (2).  I want to be within these ranges but on the light side because that is what my customer prefers.  

Example 1 

Example 2 
I will update possibly today with some pictures of the actual painting as I begin to develop the colors and the composition carefully following the pencil example at the top of the page!

Thanks for looking. 


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