Friday, March 14, 2014

The Crazy Pig is Finished!

My Crazy but civilized Boar / Pig is officially finished

The Artwork of Kolene Spicher 

Part 2

Closeup of head!
I really enjoyed painting this pig.  I guess I should mention that this was painted for Spicher and Co., ( ~ like us on Facebook to see what's new - call if you want something!). This will be a print! 

While I was painting it for Spicher and Co., I thought I'd look around for an antique frame to compliment it. Here's what I came up with. 

Wonderful 19th century primitive frame probably for an old Currier and Ives

If you recall yesterday, I showed you some pictures that I had found around the internet and also here at home that would be my inspiration pieces.  As usual, I would antique the paper using my secret methods and then paint on top.  Here's a few pictures showing the progress.  Mind you some of these are down right ugly.  But these are the steps that I go thru. 

The drawing comes first

closeup of ugly


I painted around the pig.  No sense adding paint that I will later  "paint over" 

Obviously there were many steps in between.  But you get the idea.  One thing that I did spend some extra time on was the sky.  I had painted more defined clouds that I later decided were distracting to my pig and my pig, I mean man. They have to be the main attraction!
Sad but true!  Lots of clouds were painted away...

Here is a shot that gives you an idea of the scale of this painting.  The size is about 13"x17" outside dimensions.   
The man is so cute-Love him watching the pig. 


Look at all the wonderful cracks!  
Thanks for looking at my Boar today!  I will never kill my wonderful little pet pig because guess what, I don't eat swine! 


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