Monday, March 10, 2014

Making a Greek Styled Canister

Learning to make a greek styled sugar/flour canister 

Hand Building Pottery

This is week number 5

Well, another 3 1/2 hour of my life have come and gone and I am one more step closer to finishing my Greek canister set for my kitchen.  Today I added the band across the top and the swirly capital top.  This was very time consuming for me because I am a newbie.  

The scroll work was applied using long strips that were cut thin and square. 

On the picture farther below, take a look at the newer canister sitting next to my flour canister that has already dried.  It is still greenware because it has not  yet been fired. I am not in a hurry, either,  to fire it because I want to make sure the colors are perfected. Smile.  I am not quitting my day job.

I have a small picture to the right that shows what my canister 
looked like last week.  Look at the difference in these two shots
and notice how adding the base and the top ban make this
piece look so much more elegant and refined.  Well, NOT re-
fined.  I am not at that stage, but I am definitely enjoying this
whole process and am thankful that I have a patient and 
instructive teacher that is encouraging me right along.  

Next week I am going to try to make some sort of knob and 
start my next canister, which will house my coffee pods.  I 
always have oodles of them on hand and seem to not like
the traditional style containers that you can buy at the area department stores.  

Look at the lid.  I have these strips applied to keep it in place.  
It was a chore for me to get those strips lined up with the inside of my canister.  I kept putting the lid on and taking it off, repeat.  I was worried that I was going to break it in half, but  It held together!!

The base was beveled and the slab rolled much thicker than the rest of the piece.  

Well that is it for my pottery class today.  If you get a chance go to March 3, 2014 and you can see the progress of this canister set.  I think I started the series on February 24 (or 17).

I almost forgot!  Here is my brownie pan in use!
It baked beautifully! 

Thanks for looking! 

Enjoy this wonderful day.  It was 60 degrees here this afternoon.  I live in the Northeast, so I am counting my blessings! 

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