Friday, March 14, 2014

Update of Bohemian in the Springtime

Is it Bohemian in the Springtime 
Part 2
(See first post 2/15-2014) 

More Bohemian!  That's right.  I thought you might be interested in seeing a few examples of the framed pieces.  We choose white for the frame, but we could frame it in a black one, too.  There are many frames for you to choose.  Wholesale accounts, please look for these at High Point Furniture Market the beginning of April.  Retail customers, please call for an outlet near you!  Like us on Facebook!

This is the final version of  this series.
I have a very subtle crackled linen background.  I don't know if you noticed that I had posted a more antiqued version (which I happily deleted).  I wanted this to look fresh!  No grunge for my flowers!

These will be available in a few short weeks from Spicher and Company.   I like the background.  It has a sort of etherial feel to it!  There are 6 (I think in this series).  I know that I should know, but I paint so much that I lose track.  

Thanks for looking…again! 


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