Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fixing a Landscape - Part 1

I decided today that I needed to fix one of my original landscapes

How do you do this after it is painted? PART 1 

Why am I doing this (to myself?)

This landscape painting is too minimalistic

Why am I tearing this original painting apart today?  Well, this is number one of a few that I decided I want to rework. I had a friend suggest to me that she felt this landscape was too bare.  Because I take instruction to heart, and She has some good ideas, I decided that I agreed with her.

Because I am in the business of purchasing antique frames, I frequently dismantle old prints.  Sometimes I find a treasure.  Look at this!
Arthur Rider-January 3, 1898
There is only one Arthur Rider that I ever heard of and he painted a lot of the sets for the Wizard of Oz.  I don't know that it's the same man but the date would be right, and this looks like it was drawn by a young child.  It says in the corner "HAPPY FAMILY".  I LOVE THIS.

OKAY, so we established that I tear things apart.  My sister tore apart vacuum cleaners, I tear apart paintings.  This happens from time to time~especially, if you are someone that stares at something, trying to ascertain what in the world is wrong with it.

Back to my painting.  I have had the Landscape hanging over my bed for a very long time.  I knew that it needed something because the colors are really GREAT on it but it didn't sell.

 I was dusting up there and took it off the wall to get the dust.  This made it an opportune time to 'fix' this before starting my next painting, which happens to be for Nantucket Country.  I am including this in today's blog because it will be next on my 'list' of original artwork.  I am painting a whaling scene.

This painting looks too bare.  There are empty areas around the painting that just need extra detail.  Unless you are someone who really likes NO CLUTTER (and even then you  may not like the bareness of this), you will agree with me.  

I really liked the ship flag painting from last week with the flag overhead of the painting (Look at my blog from around March 3).

Note the flag across the top because I am going to copy this for the landscape
So the first thing that I intend to do is to add the flag.  The second thing that I intend to do is add something on the lower left side near the signature, possibly a small building.  Thirdly, I am going to add another eagle.  I don't know what it is with eagles, but I am into painting them at the moment.  I will post the painting with corrections complete after I am finished with the details that we discussed.  I am also going to see what I have in stock in an antique frame.  I will like that better, I believe.  This will end up in my inventory for my September show unless someone wants it :)   

Thanks for looking and check back soon for the updated picture.  If all goes well, it shouldn't take long! 


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