Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gathering the reference Material for Painting a Boar - Pig

I am in the Mood for painting a Boar

Day 1 - Gathering the reference material 

This one is too dark! 

I want to paint a pig but not one quite as dark as this.  I don't want a civilized pig, either.  Pigs are a little mean.  They have a craziness about them, and I happen to know this first hand from a friend that raised them.  I want a soft farm scene in the background but nothing too hokey.  

Here are some of the pictures that I found online that I am going to use as my 'guide'. 

This face is getting close to what I like. 
I like these color tones, too, so BINGO!  Now I am ready to start. I have direction. 

BTW, I will want to eliminate the fat brush strokes on the above example.  I don't like that.

This is sweet but a little too civilized for me.  
I do really love the spots on the baby pigs.  Maybe if this one turns out nicely, I will do more.  Lastly, I want this man in my painting somewhere!!  I am love with this guy.  (not really).  
Just look at him.  Isn't he wonderful! 
Here is the frame that I have selected.  This is a really old frame, maybe middle 19th century.

 That is my favorite period.  I just keep going back to that time frame to find my source for inspiration.  There is really nothing new under the sun, is there?  Sometimes, when we look back, we can learn from other's choices.  We can learn from what works just like we can learn from what doesn't.  The dark pig at the beginning definitely doesn't work.  All the detail is lost.  But the color tones of the man above are lovely and you just want to look at it-- each and every stroke of it.  

Now it's  time to paint. 

Please come back tomorrow for more on my Boar painting.  


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