Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mermaid Seashell Tray

Folk Art Mermaid Seashell Tray

"I was here to catch a fish and she was here to find a shell" 

An explanation of how I made this tray  

Where and How I use this tray

Isn't this sweet?  I love one-of-a-kind things for my home.  I think having OOaK (One-of-a-kind) things are what make your home your own.  It's sort of like picking out a car and putting the extra options on it that YOU want or NEED.  "I NEED heated seats." LOL.  Even this blanket that I photographed this tray on just looks warm and inviting.  I really like plaid.  I think that having unique artwork blends with ANY decor, except extreme modernism or maybe minimalism. 

Look at the beaded necklace that I picked up at some thrift store for nothing! 
The first thing that I did was paint my mermaid.  I treated the tray, which was metal with a primer that I was then able to transition into artist acrylic paint.  I then painted my mermaid picture!

Look at the caption!  I LOVE this and think it's funny! 
You know that he was there to see the mermaid and she was there to see the sailor!  Come on!

The Second thing I did, was carefully press the orange/red clay onto the side of the tray.  I went to a craft store and bought some kind of clay that hardens with exposure to air and does not need fired. 
Before the clay 'set' I pressed the shells into it and then just left it sit overnight.  In the morning they were all permanent.  I have had this for a long time and there has not been any shrinkage or loose shells.  Plus it was brought to a few shows.

Look at the ship in the background.  This is one of my little detail trademarks! 
I often try to 'have it all' in the paintings.  Once again, you will see shells painted on the beach as well as my sailor man.   I love that he is fishing.  I love the words sailor and mermaid.  Someday, I want to sell little things that are nautical and call my company "Mermaid trading Company".  I even went as far to copyright the name. LOL.  I guess I will do that in my free time.

Old metal tray that I picked up at Salvation Army
I probably should have stripped the tray first, but I just didn't feel like dealing with all the chemicals involved with that process.

This is a room that I call my SEASHELL ROOM
Well, folks, that is it for today!  I have had this tray for absolutely years.  I wish that I had bought a willow tripod type stand that was PERFECT for it.  I had it to a show years ago and it didn't sell--too expensive.  I decided that I liked it and can afford my own work, and so it came home.  

As for how I use this tray, I don't.  That is why I wish I had bought the willow stand!  My good friend Denise Pratt was who suggested the stand.  She and her husband own a fabulous company that makes all sorts of willow furniture.  Their company is called "Around the Bend", if you wish to google it.  You couldn't buy OOak pieces that were more beautiful and from nicer people.  Alas, I diverse…

Busted Sugar Jar! 
One more thing, this little piece made me think of something else that I am working on that is not finished yet.  The other evening I was making tea and broke my tea canister which was clear glass and old.  I was bummed. The good news is that I am making a sugar canister out of clay, see my post from March 3, 2014 and I talk about my new canister!
The working with clay without a wheel is called 'hand building'.  I will post a new updated photo on Monday Evening!  Back to the canister,  I didn't want to throw the canister out so I decided to try to resurrect it with seashells, turning it into some sort of 'candle holder'.  Take a look at this!
This is just waiting for a scented candle! 

Thanks for looking today!  


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