Friday, February 7, 2014

How I Decide What to Paint

How do I decide what to paint? 

Each day presents many choices for me.  Who or what will take my attention and time.  Do I paint for Spicher and Co. or perhaps a Gallery?  Will I learn a new technique thru trial and error?  Or will I paint for a show?  Actually, I paint regularly for shows but they are mostly to the trade.  However, about one time a year, I offer my one-of-a-kind originals.  They are almost exclusively 'folk' type paintings with a little whimsical thrown in there.  This year it is in September 2014 and is in Buck's County.  More on that closer to the date.  

Today, I was looking around  in my antique frame pile and noticed this example!
 The first thing that I do when selecting a frame is to look at the overall condition.  Will it need a lot of work? Is the finish completely in tact?  These old gold leafed ones are particularly vulnerable to abuse.  If they get wet, the finish can sort of just crumble away, almost like powder.  This is a good one.  

Because it is winter, I think I will do a winter scene.  The filigree in the frame is suitable and leans itself toward that type of painting.  The victorian ice skaters with all their fancy clothes will work well for this frame.  
 This piece was painted years ago and is long sold but you can see how the colors and the whimsey would look nice.  

Here's a closeup of the frame: 
Also the frame has the original wavy glass.  I always am willing to pay a little more if the glass is particularly wonderful and bumpy.  I tried to capture this in the photo, but as you can see, I failed!!  Ha.  

Thanks for reading.  I will be starting this painting and will update in a later blog.  

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