Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bird Flowers

 Primitive Bird Flower Artwork

I don't know how you would classify this type of Artwork....primitive reproduction, perhaps??  

As you look at these pieces up closely, you can see a lot of tears and folds and spots.  Let me assure you, these are deliberate.  It was just me having fun one day trying to make something look really old--like ancient.  I love to paint birds, etc.  The one on top is my favorite of the two because it is called LOVE BIRDS.  The glass is wonderfully wavy and bubbly on the above piece too.  The bottom one is unusual for me because I sewed it to the back drop.  Yes you read that right, sew.  I don't sew, so you can imagine how frustrating it was for me to attach it in that manner.  Both of these are available on my new ETSY account under Kolenespicher.  I hope that you enjoy looking!  Don't forget to check out Spicher and Co., too, for the new things that are going to the High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina--the furniture capital of the World!  

Thanks for looking!  


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